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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I use Flash animation? The only type of animation permitted on is GIF animation. Please visit our image specifications page for more information.

2. Does offer exclusive advertising contracts? Exclusive advertising is available to qualified businesses and is usually offered at a higher rate. You may fax your written request to 727.467.0918

3. Can I be billed on a 30 net remittance? permits delayed billing arrangements for those that are approved through the AmerUSA Services finance department. You may contact them for a credit application by faxing your request to 727.467.0918

4. Is my banner going to be rotated? The great thing about advertising on is that your ad stays exactly where your category, state or national campaign is viewed. Your banner will not move, rotate or share the same spot of another advertiser. 

5. Does offering tracking reports? advertising is based upon sponsorships of our high quality web pages. We do not offer CPC or CPM advertising and do not generate traffic reports. It is up to the advertiser to provide their own tracking URL.

6. How many visitors does receive? is one of the most frequented web guides for property management and real estate investing. We receive thousands of visitors daily.

7. Is there a charge to list my housing association in your U.S Associations directory? At this time, we accept free submissions from U.S. housing associations. Please email your request to help

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